I am GRA

I am Gra – It is an old nickname of mine growing up in Northern Ireland.

I started GRA Productions in 2006 and have directed several films Irish Season, The GAA 70th Anniversary and Claddagh. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic I have had to adjust my direction. I started learning programming in June 2020 with online courses (Clever Programmer – Profit with Programming) and tutorials. I love to learn new software skills in front end development.

My background is electronics – telecommunication (12yrs) and marketing (9yrs), my ideal work is in problem-solving, implementing / improving systems and working with a great team. My past experience working in Nortel and Future Electronics combined with my HND (Liverpool UK) in Electronic Engineering have allowed me to gain the ability to work on complex technical issues in teams, remotely and also on my own.

Although I am at the bottom of the mountain in Programming, I am really keen to learn all of the web based user interface software, so I am very happy (in my element in fact) to learn them quickly. Naturally intellectually curious, I love research and I can quickly get familiar with your web development issue and solve it.

Check out some of my web projects here:-

Quebec Ancestry


Mys Massage

Pizza Shop Demo

I was born in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, have been lucky to have lived in 3 continents and visited 38 countries with my previous work. Currently living in St Lazare, Quebec, Canada and loving it!

I pride myself on being proactive, a strong communicator and a great team player.

Contact me for more information on the form at the bottom of the homepage or request help with Web Development. I can offer a per project price or an hourly rate depending on your needs.

Check out my trailer for the Roots Tech Conference 2021 here.

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